Our Healing Team

Wanda Wilson/Esthetician

Hi, I’m Wanda Wilson, the owner of Healing Hands Studio. Having an opportunity to fulfill my heart’s desire is a dream come true.  I have professionally worked in the Aesthetic field since 2009. I have shared my knowledge with the Victorious Women’s Conference participants in 2011, 2012 and 2014, church groups and Regency Beauty School.  I continue to expand my knowledge base by attending conferences and classes for CEU credits and product knowledge. It is the utmost importance that I share the best of my abilities and skills to assist you in reaching the desired results for your skin.

Wanda’s Vision

I believe that beauty lies within a mirror to the outside. I believe I was put on this Earth to make a difference in lives of others by supporting them in obtaining and maintaining balanced healthy skin. Here your skin will get the attention, preventative care, life enhancement and supportive care that it deserves. This is why Healing Hands Studio was created in 2013. You can come here to detach from stresses and cares of the world which can have a direct impact on your skin.

The Principles of Supportive Care that I operate under are as followed:

  • Meets the individual where they are
  • Supports body functions
  • Surrenders control
  • Provides maintenance
  • Aligns the body, mind, and spirit

Unique Wilson

Our Administrative assistant assists with tasks such as our Media Platform, as well as Process, Planning, and Development. She has co designed our Media Platform to fit the level of responsibilities that will reach our clients as well as our future clients.